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CRITICALSTART Introduces TEAMARES Red and Blue Security Teams

TEAMARES’s full suite of services will help organizations prepare for, respond to and resolve breaches.

PLANO, TX – February 3, 2020  – CRITICALSTART, a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, today introduced TEAMARES, a new organization that will serve as both the red and blue teams for CRITICALSTART clients.

Enterprises must continually adapt and innovate to defend against today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats. TEAMARES was launched to complement CRITICALSTART’s MDR offerings by providing both red and blue security team services including:

Red team services:

  • Adversarial Simulation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service
  • SCADA Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Onsite Training
  • Assessments for web applications, WIFI and password quality.

Blue team services:

  • Incident Response (IR) and IR Retainers
  • IR plans and playbooks to support coordinated response and communications for security incidents.
  • IR readiness assessments to understand the organization’s readiness to detect, respond and recover from an incident.
  • Tabletop exercises to ensure an organization’s IR plan is effective.
  • Compromise assessments for a holistic view of the organization.

“The overall goal is to leverage expertise from both sides of Information Security to provide high quality, white-glove service to everyone as well as provide back valuable data to the community,” said Quentin Rhoads-Herrera, TEAMARES’ director of professional services. “Combined with our MDR services, we offer a complete solution to help customers prepare for, respond to and recover from breaches.”

New course offered at BlackHat 2020

To help sharpen the skills of penetration testers and threat hunting teams, TEAMARES will be offering an onsite training course at BlackHat USA 2020 in “Adversary Emulation and Active Defense.”  This course will provide information security concepts utilized in both offense and defense. Attendees will learn skills that can be applied to increase capability from both sides including exploitation, circumventing defenses and lateral movement from an attacker’s perspective. The course will also cover key techniques for detection, threat hunting and mitigation to counter an attacker’s toolbox.



TEAMARES works to understand customers’ threat environments, assessing how today’s attacks can impact the organization, defending against and remediating that environment once a breach has hit. Visit for more information or follow us on Twitter.



CRITICALSTART is the MDR expert that leaves nothing to chance. Our mission is simple: detect threats and stop breaches by resolving every alert for our customers. We do this for enterprises through our award-winning portfolio of end-to-end security services, including MDR and Professional Services. Visit for more information or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.



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