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Managed Detection & Response

At CRITICALSTART, we leave nothing to chance. Our Managed Detection and Response platform is built to efficiently detect and resolve every alert. By adapting to the unique processes and requirements of your business, our MDR services reduce attacker dwell time and stop breaches.


Our Approach

CRITICALSTART uses a trust-oriented approach to handle alerts at scale. Unlike our competitors, we “unprioritize.” In other words, we believe that every security event begins as equal. Our Trusted Behavior Registry (TBR) enables us to put our trust-oriented approach into action by automatically resolving what is known-good and can be safely trusted first – shifting focus to known alerts for triage and quick resolution.



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The winning combination of these three key pillars makes it possible for CRITICALSTART to resolve alerts quickly and reduce any length of attacker dwell time in your environment.

Trusted Behavior Registry

Trusted Behavior Registry means we can scale to the needs of your business.

Full Transparency & Mobility

Full Transparency and Mobility means faster communication and containment of alerts through the convenience of a mobile app.

The Human Element

The Human Element means we are there around-the-clock, investigating any unknown alerts outside of the Trusted Behavior Registry.

We Leave
Nothing to Chance

The collected knowledge and global learnings of the Trusted Behavior Registry (TBR) playbooks are applied to every customer environment. In mere seconds of deployment, the network effect of the TBR begins working to automatically resolve known-good behaviors, shifting the focus to what matters: The unknown.

Since known-good for an organization isn’t the same for every business, we build on the network effect with adapted playbooks that capture organizational knowledge, tailoring the TBR to meet your business requirements.


Drive down attacker dwell time with CRITICALSTART’s MOBILESOC providing remote collaboration, workflow, and response for your SOC. Features include:

“On-the-Go” Alert Response

Alert Response – Our MOBILESOC can resolve and remediate endpoints

Secure Remote Collaboration

SOC analysts can collaborate remotely with full audit trails.

Full Access

Protect your users with best-of-breed endpoint prevention.

Alert Reduction

Access to CRITICALSTART’s Trusted Behavior
Registry increases efficiency of alerts.

Deploy in Minutes

Fast Deployment via our cloud hosted platform.

Reduce Dwell Time

The amount of time an attacker is able to operate in your environment. The longer the dwell time, the more likely that an attacker can carry out a breach.

CRITICALSTART integrates with tools you may already be familiar with.
Learn more about our trusted integration partners:

Endpoint Partners
CRITICALSTART integrates with the market’s leading EDR and EPP tools, protecting your environment by investigating unknown alerts through our Trusted Behavior Registry & SOC 2 Type 2 certified Security Operations Team.
SIEM Partners
Managed SIEM offerings allow you increased visibility across your environment; ingesting data from various log sources, checking against CRITICALSTART’s Trusted Behavior Registry, investigating on unknown activity, and resolving alerts anywhere you are through our mobile app or ZTAP dashboards.
“I would say that prior to the relationship with Critical Start, my SOC analysts were experiencing what we all call alert fatigue. Critical Start has really been able to reduce those alerts. Our SOC analysts are able to get through every alert they toss our way. I've been able to take our level three and level four analysts and put them back to work at what they were really hired to do.”
“I find the Critical Start SOC analysts to be very knowledgeable. We rarely get things escalated to us that I feel they should have dealt with. It's been a very good relationship. Not having an event is not making the newspaper in that negative fashion is very, very important to us. That's part of the big value.”
“Our previous Manage Detection and Response vendor didn't do anything. They didn't notify us and it was a big gap. Critical Start, is a complete opposite. What I see, I see stuff going in and I see it coming out; and I see it in a beautiful format.”
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