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Incident Response (IR) Retainer

Be ready for a breach with CRITICALSTART’s Incident Response Retainer

When you’re under cyberattack, immediate response is critical. Finding and hiring the right incident response experts while the clock is ticking only compounds the stress of being breached.

Don’t be caught off guard when a cyber incident occurs. Proactively preparing an IR strategy poises your business for rapid response and threat remediation – immediately.

CRITICALSTART’s IR retainer gives you priority access to our TEAMARES incident response team through the entire incident response lifecycle, from breach detection until the threat is remediated.

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Incident Response Retainer Services

Digital Forensics

For more sensitive investigations, we provide forensic services for legal, HR, compliance, and insider threat investigations.

Malware Reverse Engineering

Dynamic and static analysis of suspicious and/or malicious code to develop Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and details to aid in identification of similar code and in threat hunting activities.

IR Monitoring & Threat Hunting

Deployment of EDR agents across your network or subset of endpoints to aid in the identification, containment, and remediation of threats and for targeted threat hunting operations.

Reports & Debriefs

Regularly scheduled client briefings as well as interim and final investigative findings reports.

Our Incident Response Team

The CRITICALSTART TEAMARES Incident Response team is comprised of professionals with experience conducting cyber investigations and incident response for federal law enforcement, the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, and the private sector.

The TEAMARES IR team can provide your organization incident response services from detection through remediation. Our IR retainers offer several options of professional service hours, and any unused hours may be applied to other IR services.


Blue Team Services Included with IR Retainer

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment

Assess all aspects of your Cyber Defense Operations to evaluate opportunities for improving security architecture, tools, and processes to enhance your cyber resilience.

Tabletop Exercise

Moderated scenarios which test your organization’s ability to respond to simulated cyber attacks, disaster recovery, and other crises to build resiliency.

Onsite Training

Experienced instructor-led training in memory analysis, host forensics, network forensics, threat monitoring, and investigations/incident response.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Hypothesis-driven analysis across your network or specified hosts to proactively identify cyber threats based on investigative leads or Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).

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