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Cybersecurity Consulting

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Threats against enterprises are on the rise. To protect your organization, you need a strategic partner you can trust.

Our Approach

For many, resources are limited, leaving most vulnerable to new and evolving cyberattacks. Our three-phase process helps secure your infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud, meets compliance standards, and reduces your exposure.


Assessment services will help you identify risks, document the effectiveness of your existing controls and create a roadmap to improve your security posture.

GRC/Compliance Guidance

Assess against multiple frameworks using our repeatable CAP offering.

Penetration Testing

Analyze your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors.


Tool Assessment

Evaluate your existing tools to ensure they are maximized to meet your objectives and review the need for additional tools.


Adversarial Simulation

Red team test that evades detection and employs every legal and in-scope method available to access and assess your enterprise and network.


Reduce your incident response time and minimize breach impact.

Incident Response

Our CYBERSOC will identify the scope of your breach, act quickly to reduce exposure and minimize the threat, and provide a detailed report on how to prevent future compromise.


Threat Hunting

With our Trusted Behavior Registry, we review every alert to determine what is a known good alert versus an unknown alert that needs to be investigated by our analysts.



Protect your endpoints, secure your environment

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Health checks, installation, and monitoring, supported by a team of highly trained experts.

Cloud Security Architecture

Integrate security best practices and translate your existing security requirements into cloud security controls.

Vulnerability Management

Our team will identify, classify, prioritize, remediate, and mitigate software vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Security

Minimize threats from remote devices with security controls that enable you to reduce response and detection time for attacks.


Maximize the effectiveness of your log collection, analysis, and reporting.


Strengthen your existing staff, assess the environment, and set strategic objectives to support business-critical technology demands and establish clear communication with the board of directors, investors, and external agencies.

Learn More About Your Organization’s Level of Risk

We work with your team to prioritize initiatives that turn cybersecurity into a true enabler of business.

With our Consolidated Audit Program (CAP) or individual services, we’ll determine your organization’s level of exposure to security threats, evaluate your areas of improvement, identify strategies to support your business, and drive improvement in your security program.

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