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Strategic Resell Partners

CRITICALSTART delivers on our mission by working closely with our customers and recommending solutions that include our best-of-breed technology partners, professional services and our Managed Detection & Response service.

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When CRITICALSTART was initially founded, we pursued a service-led product resell business to ensure customers added security products that fit their budget, expertise, headcount, and ability to operationalize. Our experience assessing the best approaches for our customers allowed us to gain an expert understanding of our customers. As a trusted advisor, we analyze our customers’ security problems and present a plan that leverages the solutions of our product partners and only recommend best-in-class solutions. These solutions include our award-winning MDR services, CRITICALSTART Professional Services and strategic product fulfillment.

CRITICALSTART‘s Professional Services are delivered by full time employees, including TEAMARES, and stand ready to help organizations prepare for, respond to, and resolve breaches by providing red and blue team services plus incident response.

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These CRITICALSTART partners share our high standards for quality and service.