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MDR Channel Partners

Become a CRITICALSTART Channel Partner

Legacy models of accepting risk don’t protect enterprises against breaches. Every alert needs to be resolved. Yet too often, enterprise organizations are left exposed to breaches at significant risk due to a shortage of headcount and alert overload. CRITICALSTART’s MDR solution solves this problem by resolving every alert to stop breaches, leaving nothing to chance.

Our MDR Channel Program affords our network of nationwide partners the ability to expand their role as a trusted advisor for their customers.  CRITICALSTART’s MDR addresses a significant challenge for today’s IT organizations that are struggling with a shortage of skilled security personnel, alert overload and complex tools.

As a CRITICALSTART MDR channel partner, you’ll realize significant benefits including:

  • Competitive edge that allows you to go head-to-head with other MDR solutions.
  • Predictable revenue stream with higher margins.
  • Smooth deployment and management process that allows customers to quickly operationalize their investment.
  • Daily visibility into your customers’ security programs for a higher level of customer engagement.
  • Immediate response if and when there’s a breach through our IR retainer program.

As an authorized partner, you will have access to CRITICALSTART’s Professional Services team, including TEAMARES.  This allows our partners to help customers prepare for a potential breach as well as giving them the ability to quickly respond if there is a breach.

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