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Critical Start is a HUB Vendor offering products and related services to Texas governmental and public educational entities at discounted prices through DIR’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program.

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Cooperative Contracts
For information on DIR Cooperative Contracts please see: DIR Cooperative Contracts Program
Contact information and Order Fulfillment To view our HUB certificate, click here: HUB Certificate
Tera Davis 877-684-2077 dir@criticalstart.com
To obtain a quote or place a purchase order, please email texasdir@criticalstart.com
Warranties and Returns All warranties are provided through the manufacturer. All returns are subject to manufacturer policy. Professional services are governed by applicable statement of work.
Quote and Ordering If you need a quote, send an email to texasdir@criticalstart.com. Not sure about what to order? Call 214-810-6760 or email us so we can schedule a call with a technical specialist. All purchase orders must include the DIR Contract Number being quoted.
Contract Summary for DIR-TSO-4321 DIR-TSO-4321
Contract Summary for DIR-TSO-4074 DIR-TSO-4074
Contract Summary for DIR-TSO-3898 DIR-TSO-3898
Contract Summary for DIR-TSO-3248 DIR-TSO-3248

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