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CRITICALSTART’s TEAMARES a Top Contributor to Folding@Home in Global Fight Against COVID-19

In times like these, we all could use some good news and CRITICALSTART‘s TEAMARES is excited to share some: we just reached top contributor status in our participation in Folding@Home’s fight against COVID-19!

As of this week, we are now in the top 0.3% of all team contributors. It would not be possible without the help of several people both within the team and outside. This is a great example of how the Information Security and Tech community can band together for a great cause.

The backstory: TEAMARES‘s in-house research team has found that our hash cracker Cthulhu can be used to run computer simulations that mimic the same complex protein folding that occurs in diseases. We’re sharing the results of our own in-house research with Folding@Home to simulate how the virus behaves – data that we hope can be used by doctors and healthcare professionals to develop potential vaccines.

Folding@Home is sending our team jobs to process on our CPU and GPU processing power, of which Cthulhu is helping. Folding@Home then takes that data to help in researching viruses.

You too can join the fight against COVID-19 – here are some ways to take action:

  • Retweet for awareness and to help spread the news!
  • Consider competing against CRITICALSTART’s TEAMARES.

Or, participate in the Folding@Home project:

  1. Download the Folding@Home Client at
  2. Use our team ID number when you first start the client (239575)
  3. Have fun!


Our Team:
CRITICALSTART’s TEAMARES is comprised of professionals with more than a decade of experience conducting offensive and defensive security services. Our team has expertise in a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, healthcare, app development firms, hospitality, technology, and more.

Follow us on Twitter @TeamAresSec and @CRITICALSTART to stay up to date on our progress, or via our LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

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