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MOBILESOC: Staying on Top of Alerts from the Office or the School Play

A national food distributor was looking to outsource its security operations and began an exhaustive search for just the right partner. Some of the biggest names in IT services, including IBM and Ernst & Young, were part of the evaluation – along with CRITICALSTART. From the very beginning, CRITICALSTART distinguished itself from the rest with its agile and customer-centric business model. Where the larger firms focused on incorporating customers into their existing structures and processes, CRITICALSTART emphasized a more tailored approach – one where its team of experts worked directly with the customer to tailor an engagement that was specific to their unique requirements… but that leveraged the best practices (or the network effect) that comes from years of focus on security operations, a differentiator for CRITICALSTART.

As the customer soon discovered, the theme of agility and flexibility carried all the way through to the systems CRITICALSTART designed to run its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Among those systems is the MOBILESOC, an app for iOS and Android devices that connects directly to CRITICALSTART’s proprietary Zero-Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP). With MOBILESOC, SOC professionals can monitor and investigate alerts directly from their phones, versus having to stay tethered to their laptops, which means tighter security, faster response times and shorter dwell time for attackers. Equally as important, it means more efficient and effective SOC professionals and a happier team overall.

In the end, the customer selected CRITICALSTART as their MDR partner. They were drawn to the fresh and modern approach to security operations and felt reassured that they were trusting their security strategy and infrastructure to a firm that put the customer’s needs first.

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