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Professional Services: Devising a Strategy that Secures and Saves Money

One of the largest utility companies in the southern US was looking for expertise to help them architect the best security strategy and infrastructure for their organization. They turned to CRITICALSTART’s Cybersecurity Consulting team to evaluate their existing technology and processes and then deliver recommendations for how to create and implement a world-class security strategy that leveraged the technology and processes that they already had while integrating new tools and systems as needed.

Immediately, CRITICALSTART saved the customer over $100K on proposed security projects, just by showing them how to reuse their existing SSL decryption and next-generation firewall capabilities. They created further opportunities to save by designing a modular security strategy that delivered the necessary level of security while ensuring the customer wasn’t investing in technology they didn’t need or wouldn’t use properly.

Finally, they brought in CRITICALSTART’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team to provide the customer with the continuous monitoring and Level 1 incident response that they desperately needed but couldn’t staff internally – a common problem in security circles as there will be 3.5 million unfilled security jobs by 2021 (CSO Magazine). Now, the customer has a true 24x7x365 security operations model, without the human resources, expertise, infrastructure, and technology that such an approach requires.


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