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The Rx for a Healthy Cybersecurity Strategy: A Look at CRITICALSTART Customer, Ardent Health Services

Of course, cybersecurity is a priority for businesses across all industries, but in healthcare, the urgency is on an entirely different plane. From doctors’ offices to outpatient clinics to hospitals, protecting the network – and specifically, patient data – is absolutely critical, and those charged with ensuring that protection must feel confident in the resources, service providers, technology and infrastructure they have in place to do their jobs.

Just ask Larry Schunder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for CRITICALSTART customer Ardent Health Services. In his role, Larry is responsible for managing the technology infrastructure across 30 hospitals and supporting more than 25,000 employees – including the organization’s cybersecurity strategy. In a new article, “Acquiring Best Practices for Ardent Health Services,” featured in American Healthcare Leader magazine, Larry talks about the wide range of cybersecurity challenges he and his team need to consider and plan for – from integrating newly acquired facilities into Ardent’s security environment to preventing internal threats such as employees and visitors to the facilities. As Larry describes it in the article: “Sometimes addressing these technology shortfalls can feel like a desperate race to stay ahead of the problem. It’s like that dream where you’re being chased by someone. You go through your plan as fast as the budget and process will allow, but you’re always just ahead of whatever bad thing is chasing you.”

How has Larry kept those dreams and nightmares from creeping up on him? He augmented his in-house IT staff with CRITICALSTART’s Professional Services team.

Learn more about the impact CRITICALSTART has had on Ardent Health Services in the article:

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