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Webinar Series | Once More unto the Breach | Lessons Learned from Billion Dollar Breaches

Webinar: Lessons Learned from Billion Dollar Breaches 

Globally, breaches cost organizations billions of dollars every year. In the U.S., losses for each breach average just under $10 million. One of the most expensive breaches in the U.S. occurred in recent years when an enterprise experienced a $4 billion breach. However, beyond the cost of remediation, breaches also impact an organization’s brand and reputation. After a breach, a company loses an average of 4% of its customer base, while a government entity loses the trust of the citizens using their services.  

In examining these breaches, we find ourselves asking, “What did these organizations do right? What could the organizations have done better?” 
Join CRITICALSTART TEAMARES’ security expert, Allyn Lynd, as he shares some first-hand knowledge of the most expensive data breaches in history.  Take a deep dive into what went right and wrong before, during, and after data breaches.  
Key takeaways from this webinar include: 

  • How to prepare for a breach 
  • What to do once a breach occurs 
  • How to recover from a breach in the long term 
  • What mistakes to avoid if/when a breach does occur 

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